Taken from the exhibition 'Avatars & Alter egos' I'm very pleased to launch the project:

From The Modernist Archive Of Giacomo S Ruscelli

Dada Poetry From the 1918 Manifesto/ Composition For A Jazz Septet
Musical instruments, overlaid text and film footage 
1 minute duration 

*The instrumental musical composition has been written for a Jazz Septet comprising of: drum set, double bass, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, clarinet and tuba. 

The Modernist Archive Of Giacomo S Ruscelli
An archive collection of artistic interventions and musical compositions concerning pertinent moments in early modernism, by the Italian Swiss artist, writer and musical enigma Giacomo S Ruscelli originating from Lugano, Italy.

I'm very pleased to announce a number of my artworks have now joined the permanent collection of the Nakata Museum, Hiroshima, Japan.