Group Show -
Contemporary British Drawing
Academy of Fine Arts
Xi'an, China
Dec 2015 - Jan 2016

Contemporary British Drawing - Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, December 2015

While Western contemporary art in general is now quite frequently shown in China, this is the first show devoted specifically to contemporary drawing from Britain and represents a very interesting area for fresh investigation. Traditional European drawing has been a foundation of Chinese academic study from the Renaissance through to Impressionism and up to Soviet Social Realism.  In contrast, the study of developments in Western drawing since the beginning of the 20 century, especially after the second world war has been left almost blank. Therefore this show will provide a rare opportunity for the Chinese public to discover the diversity and depth of Western drawing today. The definition of drawing in the West has become more dynamic and conceptualised than ever.  The aim of this exhibition is that it might encourage a wider discussion and an exciting dialogue on the subject of drawing between China and the West. 

British artists have been a driving force for art across the globe since the end of the 20th centuryBritish Drawing can be seen as a specific aspect of British creativity.  At the request of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, we have especially included in the show two pieces by the iconic British masters Lucian Freud and David Hockney, who both had a considerable impact on the development of Chinese academic practice since China opened its doors to the West in 1978. However, more importantly for the aim of this exhibition is to bring to the Chinese public for the first time a collection of the most recent drawings by British artists. 

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